So i was too lazy plus busy to write a blog today, but wanted to do something so thought why not post some of my very favorite songs. So here you go..

So this first one named Malhaar which might be unknown to some unlucky people but is worth listening.

This second song by Fuzon is also not very popular but is an amazing piece of music. I consider myself lucky that i am well aware of Shafqat’s music.

My list of songs would be incomplete if i don’t include any vital signs songs.

This song might be familiar to those who have listened to old Pakistani music. Fariha Pervez has absolutely excelled in it that in fact i like it better than the original song.

Paikar, finally a new song by Sajjad Ali absolutely loved it. Though its persian but it kind of sounds more like Punjabi (just saying) but is still beautiful.

So my list of songs might seem awkward to some people but that’s my taste sir. I jump from old to new and new to old, from hip hop to classical and the other way around. Anyways that’s it for today.