My Take on Veena Malik

I have been thinking to write on this topic for a long time but I couldn’t decide whether I should do it or not. Now finally I have made up my mind and I’m going to give my perspective on the Queen of Controversy aka Veena Malik.

She had been making headlines in the past few months with her bold photo shoots, item song etc etc. Unlike most regular Pakistanis, my issue with her was not about her posing nude for a magazine, but it was the fact that she can do anything for publicity. For some reason I don’t find it respectful that you can go to any extent just to get publicized and just to stay in the news. I have seen many Pakistani models on runway and in magazines doing very bold shoots, maybe not as bold as posing nude but still they were quite daring for a Pakistani but honestly those models had a class. They were not as attention begging as Veena Malik. I’ve seen their interviews and man, they are classy.

On the other hand when I saw the videos of Veena Malik on her official YouTube channel, pardon me for saying that but she sounded like a complete douchebag and seemed very fake in her videos. Some of them are totally pointless, and others are filled with self-praise. I know that many celebrities make Vlogs and I don’t necessarily like them but at least for the most part they sound real not fake or scripted, she doesn’t. I have also seen some of her interviews and she sounded fake in them too.

I also watched some parts of Bigg Boss and I saw the same “classless” Veena. She is a celebrity, and that show was supposed to be aired on TV she should have acted like a more graceful human being. But I guess she showed her true personality in that show. Her image in my eyes was further degraded when she did that whole “drama” of disappearance and it turned out that she was “resting” in her hotel room. I want to LOL real bad on it that how far someone can go for cheap publicity.

I saw many liberals defending her and it surprised me that they were defending a woman just because she did something that would piss off Mullahs? Is that really enough to praise someone? I don’t know about them but for me a celebrity’s ‘personality’ matters too. I don’t think that she insulted Pakistan by posing nude, but I do think that her personality and her actions and her desperation to get famous and get work in Bollywood might hurt the image of Pakistan. I used to like her as an actress, dancer and an impersonator but I’m not sure if I will be able to respect her work the way I used to.