So as everyone knows that a moron made an absurd movie about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the other morons led violent protests over it and a few people got killed as a result. Of course I couldn’t reserve my opinion on it so I decided to write about it. First of all, this is not the first time that the prophet of Islam has been ridiculed, it has happened before and there are videos on YouTube and literature on the internet that is filled with hatred. But for some reason there is so much outrage on this particular movie, and none on all the other things. Surprising part is that it all started from the date of September 11th. Is it a coincidence or a preplanned conspiracy?

Let me say something to those who are outraged at this movie. Lots of people in this world think that muslims are violent. And why do they think that? I don’t think I need to elaborate much on that. The reasons are pretty clear, 9/11, 7/7, several other attempts by Al Qaeda to bomb different places in the world, and also their open expression of “we want to kill Americans” is evident enough of why the world thinks that we are violent. Whoever made this movie was definitely ignorant about islam, but where did he get his ideas from? Did he just wake up one day and thought to make a movie about islam and ridicule the prophet and his followers? No. Then what made him do it?

American ambassador got killed with three other “innocent” people; around six people got killed in other countries in violent protests. Do you think that this movie was worth taking this many innocent lives? Not a single word from these protestors over the loss of 10 some lives (who had nothing to do with this movie) and so much outrage on a stupid movie? Wow makes so much sense to me. I really do not know how you can make god happy by doing all this. You are doing it for him right?

I also want to say something to Americans too. If you think that what movie maker did was okay because he was using his “freedom of speech”, would your reaction be the same if the movie was about mocking Jews and praising Hitler?

I had been trying to avoid political issues lately because honestly, they make me depressed. But there were two reasons to write about this issue. Mainly it was because I went to school one day and my teacher brought up this issue in class, she happens to be an Indian and for some reason she felt the need to mention that she is a Hindu from India, and her land is famous for non-Violence (I guess she meant Gandhi) and that Hindus are very tolerant (I guess she forgot about Gujrat riots, Kashmir and the very famous Shiv Sena). Anyway I didn’t understand why she brought this totally un related issue up in class out of nowhere and I don’t know what she was trying to prove, but it gave me the idea that she was trying to degrade muslims (she knows that there are some Pakistani muslims in her class). So anyway, I took it personally. I shouldn’t have but oh well! The second reason was that it was all over the news and I just couldn’t bear it anymore so I had to let it out.

Last thing I want to say is that after now, if I ever see muslims being degraded or discriminated in America, I am not going to feel bad for them. Because the kind of things “some part of them” is doing is going to affect “all of them”.  And they have to deal with it. Since they stay quiet on every brutality done by some, I guess they will have to face the music. After all this, I don’t think we should ever complain of “ill-treatment” of muslims by Westerners. Ever thought about how we treat them? “Death to America” was the slogan used by muslim protestors because a few Americans made that movie. Although the US openly denounced the movie and called for its removal but we still saw anti American hatred. If Americans do the same to us, do we have the right to complain? I don’t think so.