Pakistani atheists being a drama queen

A very interesting thing I noticed this year on Eid ul Azha was Pakistani atheists crying about the bloodshed and ‘barbaric’ slaughter of animals. The first thought that came to my mind was that, are they vegetarians? If not then what’s the point of blaming this occasion alone for animal slaughter? Aren’t animals slaughtered and then consumed generally worldwide? And how do they feel when they are eating chicken, beef or any other sort of meat which is apparently obtained after SLAUGHTERING an animal. Or is it just another reason to insult Islam? Even more interesting fact was that MOST OF THEM (on twitter/Facebook) were crying about this same issue, probably none of them either tried to think unbiased or, were purposely trying to slander Islam.

Everyday thousands of animals are slaughtered and then consumed all over the world. So why specifically are they pointing out Eid ul Azha? I saw some of them saying that animals are killed openly on streets or slaughter houses so that’s heart breaking. But if they don’t want to see it, why can’t they just stay at home and not see it happening. I personally have never seen Qurbani happening because I can’t see an animal die that’s why I prefer not to see it, and as a result I am not disturbed by this whole thing. I am a meat eater but thankfully not a hypocrite who eats meat normally not thinking about how this animal died for me to eat, but cry for animals dying on Eid ul Azha just because it’s a muslim ritual.

I briefly talked to one of the atheists after I saw him saying that Hajj is a barbaric ritual, I asked him, why he thinks like that? He said: “To kill an animal for the pleasure of who… Allah”. I thought don’t we kill and eat animals for our own pleasure? i said to him that if you are a vegetarian then i can understand your sentiments about animals otherwise don’t people eat meat of a slaughtered animal normally? If u have sympathy with animals then talk in general, muslim/non-muslim they all eat meat then why blame hajj 4 slaughtering animals? He didn’t reply to me because apparently he didn’t have an explanation to give. His job of bashing Islam was done and nothing more was left to clarify.

I am personally not against atheists and I am all for humanity and equality, but their false Drama Queen Type arguments enrage me. These type of people are an atheist version of Jamat-e-islami, to me they are no less than Drama Queen Mullahs who blame everything on Jews, Hindus etc. hypocritically. I just want to say to them that, next time guys if you want to argue against Islam come up with something more “intelligent” and not something stupid like “well slaughtering an animal normally is okay, but on a muslim occasion… it is very barbaric”.