So as everyone knows that a moron made an absurd movie about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the other morons led violent protests over it and a few people got killed as a result. Of course I couldn’t reserve my opinion on it so I decided to write about it. First of all, this is not the first time that the prophet of Islam has been ridiculed, it has happened before and there are videos on YouTube and literature on the internet that is filled with hatred. But for some reason there is so much outrage on this particular movie, and none on all the other things. Surprising part is that it all started from the date of September 11th. Is it a coincidence or a preplanned conspiracy?

Let me say something to those who are outraged at this movie. Lots of people in this world think that muslims are violent. And why do they think that? I don’t think I need to elaborate much on that. The reasons are pretty clear, 9/11, 7/7, several other attempts by Al Qaeda to bomb different places in the world, and also their open expression of “we want to kill Americans” is evident enough of why the world thinks that we are violent. Whoever made this movie was definitely ignorant about islam, but where did he get his ideas from? Did he just wake up one day and thought to make a movie about islam and ridicule the prophet and his followers? No. Then what made him do it?

American ambassador got killed with three other “innocent” people; around six people got killed in other countries in violent protests. Do you think that this movie was worth taking this many innocent lives? Not a single word from these protestors over the loss of 10 some lives (who had nothing to do with this movie) and so much outrage on a stupid movie? Wow makes so much sense to me. I really do not know how you can make god happy by doing all this. You are doing it for him right?

I also want to say something to Americans too. If you think that what movie maker did was okay because he was using his “freedom of speech”, would your reaction be the same if the movie was about mocking Jews and praising Hitler?

I had been trying to avoid political issues lately because honestly, they make me depressed. But there were two reasons to write about this issue. Mainly it was because I went to school one day and my teacher brought up this issue in class, she happens to be an Indian and for some reason she felt the need to mention that she is a Hindu from India, and her land is famous for non-Violence (I guess she meant Gandhi) and that Hindus are very tolerant (I guess she forgot about Gujrat riots, Kashmir and the very famous Shiv Sena). Anyway I didn’t understand why she brought this totally un related issue up in class out of nowhere and I don’t know what she was trying to prove, but it gave me the idea that she was trying to degrade muslims (she knows that there are some Pakistani muslims in her class). So anyway, I took it personally. I shouldn’t have but oh well! The second reason was that it was all over the news and I just couldn’t bear it anymore so I had to let it out.

Last thing I want to say is that after now, if I ever see muslims being degraded or discriminated in America, I am not going to feel bad for them. Because the kind of things “some part of them” is doing is going to affect “all of them”.  And they have to deal with it. Since they stay quiet on every brutality done by some, I guess they will have to face the music. After all this, I don’t think we should ever complain of “ill-treatment” of muslims by Westerners. Ever thought about how we treat them? “Death to America” was the slogan used by muslim protestors because a few Americans made that movie. Although the US openly denounced the movie and called for its removal but we still saw anti American hatred. If Americans do the same to us, do we have the right to complain? I don’t think so.


Speaking my Mind – I

It’s going to be a little bit of an unusual blog. Since I usually don’t like to discuss my personal life publically, but this time I just need to let it out somehow. You can’t hold everything back right?
Long time ago I prayed for something very badly, I just wanted to have it. Eventually I got it and I was so happy to have it. As the time passed I realized that even though after getting it, I am still not happy, because technically I got what I wanted but I still didn’t get it. And now after all these years, I regret praying for that thing. This thing has made my life hell. I wanted it so bad and I was so young that I didn’t know that sometimes what looks good isn’t always good. I can’t even ask god to take it back because it’s only going to make things worse.
 At this stage of my life, I want so many things so bad but I am hesitant to pray for them because I think if I don’t have something that I want, maybe I don’t have them for a good reason. Prayers have kind of disappointed me in a bad way that I really don’t want to pray for anything anymore.

My Take on Veena Malik

I have been thinking to write on this topic for a long time but I couldn’t decide whether I should do it or not. Now finally I have made up my mind and I’m going to give my perspective on the Queen of Controversy aka Veena Malik.

She had been making headlines in the past few months with her bold photo shoots, item song etc etc. Unlike most regular Pakistanis, my issue with her was not about her posing nude for a magazine, but it was the fact that she can do anything for publicity. For some reason I don’t find it respectful that you can go to any extent just to get publicized and just to stay in the news. I have seen many Pakistani models on runway and in magazines doing very bold shoots, maybe not as bold as posing nude but still they were quite daring for a Pakistani but honestly those models had a class. They were not as attention begging as Veena Malik. I’ve seen their interviews and man, they are classy.

On the other hand when I saw the videos of Veena Malik on her official YouTube channel, pardon me for saying that but she sounded like a complete douchebag and seemed very fake in her videos. Some of them are totally pointless, and others are filled with self-praise. I know that many celebrities make Vlogs and I don’t necessarily like them but at least for the most part they sound real not fake or scripted, she doesn’t. I have also seen some of her interviews and she sounded fake in them too.

I also watched some parts of Bigg Boss and I saw the same “classless” Veena. She is a celebrity, and that show was supposed to be aired on TV she should have acted like a more graceful human being. But I guess she showed her true personality in that show. Her image in my eyes was further degraded when she did that whole “drama” of disappearance and it turned out that she was “resting” in her hotel room. I want to LOL real bad on it that how far someone can go for cheap publicity.

I saw many liberals defending her and it surprised me that they were defending a woman just because she did something that would piss off Mullahs? Is that really enough to praise someone? I don’t know about them but for me a celebrity’s ‘personality’ matters too. I don’t think that she insulted Pakistan by posing nude, but I do think that her personality and her actions and her desperation to get famous and get work in Bollywood might hurt the image of Pakistan. I used to like her as an actress, dancer and an impersonator but I’m not sure if I will be able to respect her work the way I used to.

So i was too lazy plus busy to write a blog today, but wanted to do something so thought why not post some of my very favorite songs. So here you go..

So this first one named Malhaar which might be unknown to some unlucky people but is worth listening.

This second song by Fuzon is also not very popular but is an amazing piece of music. I consider myself lucky that i am well aware of Shafqat’s music.

My list of songs would be incomplete if i don’t include any vital signs songs.

This song might be familiar to those who have listened to old Pakistani music. Fariha Pervez has absolutely excelled in it that in fact i like it better than the original song.

Paikar, finally a new song by Sajjad Ali absolutely loved it. Though its persian but it kind of sounds more like Punjabi (just saying) but is still beautiful.

So my list of songs might seem awkward to some people but that’s my taste sir. I jump from old to new and new to old, from hip hop to classical and the other way around. Anyways that’s it for today.

Decline of music in the land of pure

I often think, what’s going to happen to the music industry in Pakistan? The same thing that happened to the film industry? will our music die that badly? People often say we have great singers, voices, talent and everything, but still why is our talent being wasted or exported to India? Why don’t we hear those mesmerizing voices any more that we used to hear in 1990s and afterwards? where have they all gone? you know what many of them are still there but its us who have moved on and stopped valuing those voices and musicians that we used to love.

We are the ones who reject our singers and mostly listen to indian music. When our singers sing here, we never pay attention to them but when the same singers go to india we start listening to them. Adnan Sami, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shiraz Uppal, Adeel Chaudhry and many others were not recognized in Pakistan as much until they went to India. I specifically want to go into details about Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that when he was making music in Pakistan for a long time nobody even knew him, his song “laagi tum se man ki lagan” was i believe a Pakistani song and it was not recognized in Pakistan until its appearance in an Indian movie. Same goes for Shiraz Uppal, he was also not known as much until he sung “Roya Re” for an indian movie, although i think he made better songs in Pakistan than Roya Re which people probably don’t even know. Now who to blame for all this? All these are singers and their job is to make music for us and they are doing their job, but what are we doing for them? They can’t even have concerts in Pakistan mainly due to terrorism and extremism, when they make videos we hardly notice them. Coke studio is the only show that is completely Pakistani and is thankfully recognized in Pakistan, but the question is that can this one show save our music industry? Recently a rock band Aunty Disco Project aka ADP has broken up and one of their members has also stated the same problem that there is no support for musicians or a rock band in Pakistan and so the future of music in Pakistan is really at stake. Alone coke studio can’t save it in here.

Sajjad Ali, the famous pop singer has also moved to Dubai because of the same reasons. He says that he has made 70+ songs that are ready to be released  but he is not going to release them because he thinks that there is no point of investing in something that is not going to give you anything back. Singers will go to India and other places if they are not given work or getting recognition in Pakistan and they are not the ones to be blamed. if they are not getting work in Pakistan they will find other places where they will be given work. Now personally as being a fan of Sajjad Ali i want to ask the masses (and especially those who criticize our singers that go to india), that was Sajjad Ali given enough recognition in Pakistan as much as he deserved? Absolutely not. Many people in Pakistan don’t know about his classic songs.

Another point i want to add is about our radio stations, they play indian songs, whether old or new, whether from 90s or 80s or older but they never credit Pakistani songs from the same old era. Rjs who play old songs hardly ever play Mehdi hasan, Amanat ali, Ghulam Ali, Mujeeb Alam, Ahmed Rushdi or any other Pakistani old classic singers. All they play is Lata, Asha, rafi, kishor etc. When will they get over with their Indian music obsession? People say that Pakistan music industry is down and very few good songs are being made but what about the old classic ones? Do you ever play them or bother to listen to them? No.

Its time that we should credit our music and not let it die like our film industry, we should bring our singers back and make them play music in Pakistan for Pakistan. Audience should demand for that otherwise they should not complain from their singers going to India in search of work. We should bring Sajjad Ali, Haroon, Fakhir, Hadiqa, Strings and others back to the music scene, by demanding it through TV channels and radio stations.