I have a question…

I have a question for Mr. Imran Khan and all his supporters, where is your dharna for burning, dying, bleeding Karachi? Where are you right now?  You are always very active when there is an “American Drone Attack” on Pakistan which according to your supporters is the biggest threat to Pakistan. How about that your own countrymen killing their fellow countrymen? Or do you think that it is not a threat to your country and its people. So it’s okay if Pakistanis being killed by other Pakistanis, on the basis of language, ethnicity etc. But it is very brutal of America if it kills our countrymen who are often militants.

I also have a question for Mr. Zaid Hamid as he usually accuse Hindu, Zionists, American agents for destruction of Pakistan and says that “outside forces” are involved in chaos of Pakistan. Now can he answer me which Hindu, Zionist, Americans are destroying Karachi? Can he disclose some of the information about those Hindu, zion, American target killers who are killing people for being baloch, mohajir, or pashtoon?

Also I have a question for all the Talibans their supporters/apologists, hamid gul, jamat-e-islami, lashkar-e-taiba, sipah-e-sahaba, Al-Qaida, haqqani network, tehreek-e-taliban Pakistan, 313 brigade and other countless “jihadi” organizations that you hate America, you hate India for Kashmir, you hate Israel for Palestine and you have declared jihad against all of them. Now look inside your own country or brother muslim country where your own MUSLIM brothers are murdering each other on the basis of language, ethnicity etc. now where is your so called jihad? Recently Al-Qaida chief Ayman Al Zawahiri has said that all muslims should “avenge” against America, for the murder of “Imam of Mujahedeen” Osama bin laden. Now what does he has to say about those innocent lives being taken every day by his “muslim” brothers. The same al-Qaida took the avenge from Pakistan army by killing 80 young Pakistan army cadets on the third day of osama bin lden’s death. What did those young souls do to Osama? And after that they attacked on PNS base Mehran Karachi because Pakistan navy arrested some al-Qaida related people (refer to late saleem shahzad’s article on PNS mehran base after which he got kidnapped and then murdered). Where is your jihad right now? Who will rescue your muslim brothers in Karachi from other muslims.

Now I have a question for those Pakistanis who believe that “no muslim can kill other muslim”. That is what I hear from some of my friends and other people especially when someone carries out a suicide attack on a mosque or any other place. Now if a muslim can’t carry out a suicide attack than how does he cut someone’s neck, torture someone’s body and throw it away in a bag somewhere just on the basis of language, creed, ethnicity? Also 5857 people can gather to sing national anthem but can’t do a protest against mass murder of innocent people?

In the end I will just say, stop dreaming Pakistan, it’s time to wake up. Stop praying, it’s time to move remember prayers can’t be answered without effort. Allah will never listen to you until you try. The Egyptian revolution took place this year, in a matter of a few days, you know how? Through social networking websites, primarily facebook. If you can’t do anything at least you can protest, somehow. That’s the least you can do. Islamabad has taken an initiative for Karachi and has done a peaceful demonstration on August 19, 2011 over Karachi violence. I appeal to Karachi and other cities of Pakistan to at least speak against brutality, remember that hadees that If you see anything evil stop it with your hand if you can’t stop it with your hand stop it you’re your tongue if you can’t stop it with your tongue than at least curse it in your heart.

Also I appeal karachiites to donate blood to the hospitals and involve in volunteer efforts as injured people and dead bodies are still being received by hospitals in a greater numbers. So please go out and help them. I guess we will all have to answer Allah for this brutality, Allah will question all of us that where were we when our own people were getting killed. Also some people discriminate on the basis of religion and don’t help, their fellow Christians and Hindus when they are in trouble and needs to be taken to the hospital, remember Allah says “a murder of one human being is equal to the murder of whole humanity”. So in this way all human lives are precious, don’t discriminate.